By Maria L.M.Garcia


Moving to the U.S.

We crossed an imaginary line with

our invisible guides-

God by our side

The silent Virgen in our hearts


Went past the San Isidro border by bus

As soon as we crossed the border gate

We were immunized

Left home behind


Said good bye to the mora tree planted in front of our tejabán

To Mamá Grande

To Papá Grande

To Tía Eva, Tía Estela

To Pichi, Chuy, Santos, and cousin Estela… and

The rest of our great family


It was early October of 1966

When I met the beginning and the end

And I couldn’t tell which was which

I was, according to Piaget, in the cusp of the independence stage


My mother tongue ruled my thoughts-

¿Donde estoy? ¿Qué pasó?


Maslow, tell me, what stage of the pyramid did I end up in?

Krashen, what is comprehensible input?

Vygotsky, where do I stand in the zone of proximal development?

Am I above or below the iceberg?


Dewey said we learn by doing

How am I doing?

Am I closer to finding the beginning or the end?



About Maria L.M.Garcia

Maria García has moved from the Corpus Christi area to the Rio Grande Valley. She is now living near the Mexico/US border, a place as diverse, authentic, and mythical as “Corky’s” Aztlan.