untitled poem by Stevie Luna-Rodriguez

untitled poem by Stevie Luna-Rodriguez


By Stevie Luna-Rodriguez

nothing can keep you i would like for you to know this
trees stay still when you cannot
and bees mean you no harm
honey stays sweet for you i promise this

look at me but see through me if you’d like
navigate in turns- the way it makes sense
step by step
cuddle flowers together in colors, in alphabetical order, or not, and say their scientific names say the syllables smooth like you need to say them they were named like that for you

there are summer breezes that carry my wishes into the reflections in oceans directly i can hear the waves colliding with my perpetual begging i do not know who i cry to do you know who i cry to child, who do you cry to?

all i would die for is you
i would lay down in a storm if it meant still waters
and a brown boat for us two
i wanna live to see the day where we can see our smiles in reflections you know

you know me better than i know myself inside of that brain and your cells shake with me because of me
because of me
i am sorry
i have been sorry since inception
and you were born with it
three stars on your face

a constellation of home
where i garden in futures and give bloom to truth
take your medicine step by step let’s nestle in this soil together
the sun and caterpillars unite us they are smiling on us
butterflies hum us into a sleep
and our tears are life to the fruit
of the sky
it stays silent and still for you, its endless and concrete, sweet and safe
no cells can keep you here, no cells, nothing can keep you, not even me, especially me
child, you are free
you are free


About Stevie Luna-Rodriguez

Stevie Luna-Rodriguez is a mom first, cry later type of bitch. Influenced by local poets/artists/friends, heartache as much as love, farm worker parents, existentialism, hoe-ism,and rap/hip-hop, they continue to question, cry, and write about everything from brownness to capitalism to the PTSD that they experience alone, but also collectively with the Rio Grande Valley. They are working on their very first collection of poems titled “unfold” which will be released in the winter.